is the new proposal on the Greek market and belongs to the company Healthyhands S.A. which has been active in the Greek market since 2008. It is also the exclusive representative of Laboratoires Prodene Klint S.A and PURELL, the No. 1 line of disinfectants - antiseptics for hands and surfaces sold in the USA, and which is a benchmark in hand antiseptics - disinfectants worldwide.

The company acted as a pioneer in the Greek market by presenting the disinfection and antiseptic process to the general public as until then the process was only applied in hospitals.

We are proud of our partners as well as those who know that with our company's products they are shielded against any infection but also that they meet the maximum conditions in the event of an inspection by the competent bodies. Our products are available at a cost of use rather than a price per liter which allows for a real cost calculation but also to control the degree of employee discipline as infection managers can have tangible data on the average usage per employee. Finally, all our products are sealed until their last dose, eliminating the possibility of contamination from external factors.

You can contact us for professional solutions adapted to your space.

The online store aspires to become an important portal for the hotel industry which is the most important sector of our country's economy. You will continuously enrich the site with products essential for the smooth operation of a hotel and also of a business.

The uniqueness of our products lies in the fact that the same products have the necessary licenses to be used by professionals as well as the general public. For a 5 year old to be able to use a product safely and at the same time for that product to meet the requirements for surgical use is wonderful to say the least!

The online store is only for professional traders and business people (B2B). By using the online store, the customer declares to the company that he is buying the products in the context of a business activity of selling products of the category ordered or for direct use for the purpose of his business needs and only in the context of his commercial, business, craft or independent professional activity and that he does not deal with the company as a consumer within the meaning of the applicable legislation.  

Our pillars for growth

  • Long-term partnerships: we value long-term customer partnerships based on mutual trust and continuous development
  • Special hygiene solutions for skin and surface: wide portfolio of specialized and integrated solutions, serving the hygiene needs of every professional
  • Environment
  • Innovative technologycontinued investment in the development of R&D category
  • Market knowledge and insight: market insights and understanding of the complex needs in each individual market through our company's on-site specialist partners
  • Trusted brands worldwide:  globally trusted brands in the market, redefining workplace safety through innovative and sustainable skin and surface friendly solutions

Our commitment

  • We select the best products for your business.
  • Direct shipping quickly and reliably.

All our products are certified and carry the European CE-Mark.